Sugar Content Analysis


 Researched By Michelle Smith


Here are some comparisons, ounce to ounce of the sugar content of fruit versus primate diet. Remember the diet has a lot of extra vitamins, minerals, protein, and proper fat content, carbs and calcium and phosphorous ratios all formulated for monkeys too. So it is not all about the sugar but we need to know what we are feeding. If we feed a higher sugar content in the diet it would be even more important to choose snacks or fruits without much sugar. Just looking at the 1st or 4th ingredient doesn't tell us how much they are ingesting. The 4th ingredient of one brand might be MORE actual sugar per ounce than another diet that lists sugar first. Another trick the companies do is to break up the sugar on the label to read as fructose, glucose, maltose, sucrose, etc. Then they are listed low on the list. Add them all together as "sugar" and it would have been #2 or so. Use caution when interpreting food labels. This list should help to compare actual sugar content. ALL listed diets/fruit is PER 100 grams of diet.


Sugar per 100grams in comparison:


Mazuri 5MO2 leaf eater 1.8 gm

Mazuri 5MA1 growing and reproduction: 5.65 gm 

Mazuri 5MA5 (New World): is 6.32 gm 

Mazuri Enrich Bits: 6.46 gm

Mazuri Monkey Crunch (biscuit): 13.3 gm

Zupreem biscuit: ??higher (they won't tell me)


Tomato: 1.9

Strawberry: 5.1

Carrot: 5.4

Peach: 7.9

Plum: 9.6

Orange 10.6

Pear: 11.5

Apple: 11.8

Grape: 14.4

Persimmon: 18.6

Banana: 20.4

Pomegranate: 21.2


Prune: 40

Raisin: 63

Date: 73


On the dried fruits, this amount is only if it says "no sugar added". Even though the sugar is extremely high already (see above), there is almost always more table sugar added when manufactured, so true amounts would be even higher!


So while some may think all fruits contain close to equal amounts of sugar, you can see even on the fresh fruits there is almost a 1500% increase from tomato to banana. And as we all know the dried fruits (these I vow NEVER to give) are horrible! 

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