Nonhuman Primate Guardian

What happens to your monkey in the event you die suddenly?

Help make your monkey’s transition to a new home a little easier by filling out a “Pet Guardian” information sheet and make sure your family is aware of the plans you have made for your monkey.
You should also fill out a Primate Profile which will provide a lot of details about your monkey that may help the new owner/guardian or even a family member caring for the monkey know things about your monkey that may help make the transition without you a little easier.
If you have been unable to pre-establish who will take custody of your monkey in the event of your untimely death, you may wish to list phone numbers for the SSA Placement Chairman who can assist your family with finding a home for your monkey.
Nonhuman Primate Guardian
In the event of my severe illness or death, I have made arrangements with the following guardian to care for my nonhuman primate(s). Please contact them at once, as my nonhuman primate(s) will need to be cared for immediately.
(Please Print)
Name: _______________________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Home phone: _____________________________Work phone:__________________________
Cell phone: _______________________________ Pager #:____________________________
Veterinarian:   __________________________________ Phone: ________________________
Pet's Names: ______________________________________________________________________________
I, ___________________________________ give my nonhuman primate(s), ______________
to temporarily care for in the event of serious illness until I can care for them, or permanently
at the time of my death, to ______________________________________________________, 
presently residing at ___________________________________________________________, 
phone: ________________________________If my first choice of guardian is unable to
accept this responsibility, my second choice of guardian is to __________________________, 
presently residing at ___________________________________________________________, 
phone: ________________________________with the request that they treat them as companion animals. If neither of these appointed guardians are able to permanently keep and care for my nonhuman primate(s) upon my death they may find suitable placement in another experienced caregiver’s home. Any money left for their care shall be divided equally among each placement home for the care of each nonhuman primate.
If they are unable or unwilling to accept my nonhuman primate(s), my Executor shall select an appropriate person to accept or find placement for the nonhuman primate(s) who will treat them as companion animals, and I give my nonhuman primate(s)s to such person.
I direct my Executor to give $_______________ from my estate to the person who permanently, upon my death, accepts my nonhuman primate(s), and I request (but do not direct) that these funds be used for the care of my nonhuman primate(s).
The Executor of my will: 
Phone ___________________________
Address _____________________________________________ City/State/Zip ____________
Signature: ____________________________________________________
Date:  _______________________________________________________
Witness _____________________________________________________
Date:      _____________________________________________________
Witness:  ____________________________________________________
Date:      _____________________________________________________




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