What Membership in the Simian Society Can Offer You:


Every nonhuman primate caregiver needs a support system. The Simian Society is a network of experienced and knowledgeable private owners and professionals working to improve the care of nonhuman primates in captivity.


The Society offers:


· Support

· Education

· Health Resources

· Nonhuman Primate Placement and Adoption

· Monthly publication, "The Simian"

· Conventions and Workshops

· Discussion Forums

· Networking Opportunities

· Legislation Updates and Educational Information

· Local Chapters




Everyone needs help at some point while caring for nonhuman primates, be it behavioral issues, a health issue, or life changes. No one should have to go through the journey alone.




The Society provides education about monkeys. We provide information on care, behavior, handling, health, enrichment, and caging. We also work to educate the public who are often misinformed.


Health Resources


The Primate Health Network maintains a network of health professionals and health information pertaining to nonhuman primates. They assist individuals with locating veterinarians who treat nonhuman primates and provide supportive care. They research medical issues to help find solutions to health problems.


Nonhuman Primate Placement and Adoption


Lu Hall Primate Placement helps connect nonhuman primate caretakers with other experienced caretakers to implement placement of primates due to life changes, death, and for any primate in need of a new home. LHPP also steps up to help any monkey in jeopardy, educating all involved.


Monthly Publication, The Simian


The purpose of The Simian is to share experiences, views, education, monkey items for sale and info on care related topics. Where else for $40 a year will you find a monthly subscription dedicated to nonhuman primates and their caregivers with contacts and information sent to your mailbox? If there is one story, article, or contact that proved helpful within the year's subscription, was it not worth the money?


Conventions and Workshops


Biannual conventions provide an opportunity for members to meet and share their experience and knowledge while enjoying speakers and fun activities. Workshops offer an opportunity to learn specific care and information and become a certified caregiver.


Discussion Forums


Online discussion forums where members meet and share their experiences and day-to-day life caring for nonhuman primates.


Networking Opportunities


Networking opportunities with other experienced caretakers and access to professionals who work with nonhuman primates at conventions and workshops. Local connections through local chapters.


Legislation Updates and Educational Information


The society works to educate legislators about private ownership of nonhuman primates, and to keep our members updated and knowledgeable about changing laws regarding ownership and travel with nonhuman primates.


Local Chapters


As a member of a local chapter you will have an opportunity to meet with other individuals interested in monkeys, enjoy field trips, worthwhile projects, and mutual problem solving. You will be part of a support system dedicated to supporting and helping each other. Your local chapter members work together to improve the care of your monkeys and support you if you need help.


Membership in the Simian Society Demonstrates Responsible Ownership


Responsible owners seek out knowledge and information to continue improving the quality of their monkey's life.


Wouldn't you enjoy being part of a dedicated TEAM of caregivers? Support other caregivers and make a difference in a non-human primate's life and get involved in the SSA.




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