Nonhuman Primate Boarding

Permission To Board Nonhuman Primate
I give ________________________________________ permission to board below stated nonhuman primate(s):
From (date)__________ Until (date)_______________ 
Fee per Boarding: _______________      Additional day fee:_________________
________________________________will not be held responsible for illnesses or injury during
this time.  In case of emergency, _____________________________may take my nonhuman
primate(s) to his/her regular primate vet which is:____________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________Phone:____________________
Items I have brought to make my pets’ stay more comfortable are:
Any special instructions, notes, medications, health problems we should be aware of, or favorites of your pet? ___________________________________________________________
I am aware that ____________________________must be paid in full for boarding before my nonhuman primate(s) will be released to me. 
Signature X________________________________________
Emergency numbers and contact: ______________________________________________________________________________
Full Printed Name: ______________________________________________________________
I.D.# ____________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                              
I understand that if I do not contact__________________________________. Within 30 days of the last date of boarding contract a certified letter of notice of abandonment will be sent to me and I then will have 10 days to respond. If I do not respond, above stated nonhuman primate(s) then belong legally to ________________________________________.  All extra days will be added to my contract.
I also agree by the signing of this document that it may be used in a court of law.
Person Boarding __________________________________________________________
Person or Boarding Facility __________________________________________________





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