Environmental Enrichment

Bonnet macaques (M. radiata) and vervet (Chlorocebus aethiops) enjoy ground foraging, adding straw adds interest. They love to swim, so a heavy duty livestock water trough was provided for a pool.
Gibbons, or Lesser Apes (Hylobates sp.), benefit from a high perch like this concrete tree. H. lar (white-handed gibbon),
A window to the outside world provides a lot of enrichment. These nosey monkeys, a bonnet macaque (M. radiata), crab-eating java macaque (M. fascicularis), and bonnet macaque (M. radiata) are intently watching what human family member is up to outside.
Little Tikes climbers provide easy to clean areas for monkeys to climb and sit. Other children's toys can be used as swings like this fish rocking toy.






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