Primate Profile

What happens to your monkey in the event you die suddenly?

Help make your monkey’s transition to a new home a little easier by filling out a “Nonhuman Primate Guardianinformation sheet and make sure your family is aware of the plans you have made for your monkey.
You should also fill out a “Primate Profile” which will provide a lot of details about your monkey that may help the new owner/guardian or even a family member caring for the monkey know things about your monkey that may help make the transition without you a little easier.
If you have been unable to pre-establish who will take custody of your monkey in the event of your untimely death, you may wish to list phone numbers for the SSA Placement Chairman who can assist your family with finding a home for your monkey.





Monkey’s name: __________________________________________________________


Species: __________________Subspecies: ________________DOB: ______ Sex: _____


Microchip: _____________________________Tattoo: ___________________________


Weight: _______ Identifying marks or scars: ___________________________________


Check one:

                                 ______Intact             ______Vasectomy

                                 ______Castrated       ______Hysterectomy (partial or complete)                           


-Alteration explanation:  -medical reasons  -prevent breeding  -prevent aggression  -other


-Describe: _______________________________________________________________


-Does the monkey have all teeth intact? ________________________________________


-Known teeth alterations (Circle One): teeth   -pulled   -filed   -clipped   -blunted   -other?   


-Describe: _______________________________________________________________


-Diet: ___________________________________________________________________


-Favorite food or treat: _____________________________________________________


-Number of previous owners: ________________________________________________


-Hand-reared or mother-reared? ______________________________________________


-How long was this monkey on the mother? ____________________________________


-Health problems or disabilities? _____________________________________________


-Tail: intact, docked, removed for medical reasons? ______________________________


-Sleeping habits, favorite toys, things, etc.: _____________________________________




-Does this monkey wear a (Circle One):      -Waist Belt        -Neck Collar         -Harness


-How does this monkey respond to others holding the leash? Describe: ______________




-Check all that apply:


   ______ Wears diapers            ______ Wears clothes             ______Likes bath or shower



-Does this monkey prefer (Circle One):       -men       -or-       -women


-How does this monkey respond to children (Circle One): Likes – Dislikes – Supervised


-Describe child / monkey relations: ___________________________________________




-Ages of children: ________ Does this monkey like or dislike other animals? Yes / No


-Describe: _______________________________________________________________


 -Is this monkey caged? (Circle One):


                -Always       - most of the time       -some of the time        -rarely


Describe this monkeys cage or enclosure; include how monkey responds to: caging indoors, outdoors, travel cages or carriers, trained to enter a crate, difficulties placing in cage, escape habits, likes, dislikes, fears, cage surface, does the monkey dart out the door when opened,    water bottle, bowl, automatic waters: __________________________________________
















Medical History


Vaccinations, Tests & Dates:


Rabies: __________ Tetanus: ___________ Tuberculosis test: _____________________


Other: __________________________________________________________________


CBC (complete blood count): _______________________________________________


New or Old World Viral Panel: ______________________________________________


Other: __________________________________________________________________


Primary Veterinarian: ______________________________________________________


Other Veterinarians who may have records: ____________________________________


Emergency Contact: Name: _____________________ Phone: _____________________


Address: ________________________________________________________________

For emergency primate help or emergency placement please call:

Debbie Riga


Ann Newman


or email:

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