Planning a Trip to the Vet?

Take along a vet card to make sure nothing is overlooked or forgotten…


By Sheryl



When I go to the vet, sometimes things get hectic and I forget little things I want done in addition to their regular visit, so before I go, I make an index card for each monkey to have on hand while the monkey is knocked out. I also leave a blank spot to fill in weight, measurements etc. The card is dated and after the visit it goes in that monkey’s folder for future reference.


Sometimes I also take a blank index card and a non-toxic ink pad and take hand and foot prints while the monkey is sedated which can later be copied and used for stationary, framed, or made into a stencil to border pictures or even made into a tattoo!


I put on the card each thing I want the vet to do on that visit, I also make note of any vaccinations, blood work, or TB test and indicate the dates of last ones. Then in addition, I also add reminders of other things I may want to do like Weight, Measurements, Make Hand/foot prints, Check teeth, File nails, Health Certificate (destination address), etc.


Another important tidbit: I have the vet jot down what tranquilizer was used and the amount used. One of my monkeys takes much less to knock out, and it helps to remind them of what they used before and how the monkey responded.


Sample and blank form below:





Date: 3-20-08

Name: Pippi Longstocking

Species: blackcap capuchin (cebus apella)

Sex: S. F.

Age: 15 years

DOB: 5-15-1993

Weight: 12 lbs





*history of high blood sugar, (14 day average 3/6 to 3/19 = 204 mg/dl)


D/T last done 7-18-03

TB test?

Last tb test 6-14-06, chest x-ray done2-15-07

Health cert.

(provide destination address)











File nails, hand prints




                                                                                             Date: _______































For emergency primate help or emergency placement please call:

Debbie Riga


Ann Newman


or email:

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